Mark is a NYC-based multi instrumentalist, specializing in live beatboxing and vocal arts.

2016 American Beatbox Champion, Mark Martin, is best known for playfully blurring the lines between language and sound through his energetic and dynamic blend of theater, jazz and beatboxing. This blending of storytelling with vocal exploration led him to a 5 year run with international touring musical theater company Voca People, as well as featured appearances on MTV’s hit comedy show Joking Off. Martin has competed in and judged several national and international beatbox battles, recently winning the champion title of the 2016 American Beatbox Championships and the international 2016 BeatRhyme Slam. Martin frequently performs live with a RC-505 loop station to improvise and compose songs using only his voice and beatboxing. Mark enjoys collaborating with other musicians, especially his partner and World Beatbox Champion, Kaila Mullady, in their duo PowerCouple, winning 2nd place in the 2016 American Beatbox Championships in the 2v2 category.

In addition to performing Mark teaches beatboxing. He helped to pioneer a beatboxing-based speech therapy program in collaboration with the revolutionary education program, B.E.A.T. Global and New York University. Mark seeks to inspire others to find their voice through playful exploration and improvisation. Mark teaches private and group lessons as well as workshops to all ages and ability levels.


  • 2016 American Beatbox Champion
  • 2016 American Beatbox Vice-Champion (2v2)
  • 2016 BeatRhyme Champion at the American Human Beatbox Festival
  • Appeared on MTV’s “Joking Off” 2016
  • Judge 2016 Midwest Beatbox Battle
  • Grand Beatbox Battle 2v2 Top 8
  • International touring member of The Voca People since 2011
  • Graduated from New York University in 2011 from Gallatin School of Individualized Study, creating a major around beatboxing
  • Beatboxer for North Coast, New York City’s premier hip-hop improv comedy group
  • Judge for New England Regional Battle 2014
  • Judge for SingStrong Acapella Festival 2014